The years go by

The years go by

Eight years ago, buying an E.cut might have seemed like a gamble. A big gamble! The technology was almost totally unknown, and only a careful analysis and trust in the supplier, Genesis, had led to the decision to buy.  And in fact there were some initial problems, but with good will and attention in a short time we had “entered” the technology E.cut.
In the space of a year a second machine had been purchased, of large dimensions, and the experience was always increasing.
This allowed the company to acquire a large order from an important multinational company, and then, on the way, four accounts and three other new generation machines purchased.
Also considering that, with the technical additions made by Genesis, the machines are largely within the parameters required by law 2017 for over depreciation at 250%!

One of the fundamental points of the new law is in fact to help the introduction of digital aids in the production environment.
The company network of production machines, their control and management remotely, the “online” detection of the status of the machines, and the real-time accounting of the time spent.
These features were already implemented by Genesi on E.cut machines, and some have been added, to better adhere to the spirit of the law. (And of course enjoy the tax advantages!)
For example, the function of sending an email or a message if the machine stops has been added, in order to give the possibility to see the status of the machine remotely, and always remotely, the possibility to restart it.
The working diary of the machine can reside on the control of the machine itself, can reside on a networked server, or on a remote server made available by Genesis, and can also be consulted by Smartphone or Tablet.
The system provides to indicate the job in progress, and automatically detects from the machine itself the working status, stopped, and anything, without intervention of the ‘operator.

The CNC that controls the work of E.cut is based on a powerful industrial PC with W7 PRO operating system with regular license. This allows the constant updating of the operating system, and the protection from viruses and intrusions. The E.cut CNC can enter the Ethernet network at any time, so every customer has the benefit of remote assistance both from Genesis and, if necessary, directly from the manufacturer’s assistance service. ( Only E.Cut machines have this possibility ! ).
One of the implicit requirements of the law on hyper depreciation is the ease and simplicity of use.
E.cut has prevented time, being equipped with a manual on board the machine that can be consulted while the machine is working. In the manual, set up as a Windows Help, and also installed in PDF format, explanations with images have been privileged, and in many cases it is possible to view parts of the machine in 3D, with a program that allows you to rotate, zoom in, and view exploded views or sections.
Even non-specialized operators are given the opportunity to intervene quickly for maintenance and to manage the working parameters.


We’re exhibiting at the EMO in Hanover.
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And the stars are watching

E.cut is not the star of the workshop.
Like a Cinderella, it is often relegated to a corner.
Multi-spindle and multi-axis lathes, sophisticated machining centres, multi-axis controlled milling machines, and… expensive EDM machines are on display. They are the stars in the firmament of production departments.
But the current economic situation often leads to a reduction in quantities that puts the “stars” in crisis. In fact, sophisticated machines allow a reduction in costs, but at the price of high investments in equipment and tools, and long lead times and set up. Costs and times that with low quantities can no longer be faced.

The eight-tooth “stars” that can be seen in these images are an example.
You have to produce a few dozen pieces of stainless steel of various types, difficult and annoying to work. You must get a good finish, and very tight tolerances, within a hundredth of a millimeter.

And, as more and more often happens today, the delivery time was the usual “SUBJECT”. The time to create an ad hoc clamping system for the controlled milling machine and to obtain the tools suitable for processing these materials already exceeded the delivery times required.
The only solution seemed to be wire EDM. But the subcontractor/printer who was contacted in these cases did not give immediate availability nor certain dates. Not only that, but the price requested was definitely high.

E.cut processing has been carried out at a cost of about ten times less than any other method, including wire EDM with conventional machines. The realization of the clamping tool took less than an hour. In a single nesting all the teeth of the circumference are realized, with an excellent precision. Workpiece change in a few minutes, then hours of cutting without any operator, day and night, Saturday and Sunday.
An excellent job for the third party owner of E.cut.

And the stars were watching….

This a few years ago, with the first E.cut.

Now they’ve grown!

We’re exhibiting at the EMO in Hanover.
Come and see our machines!

We need an E.cut.

It would take a friend…
E.cut is the friend that any workshop man would want to have.
Small, compact, silent, easy to use, it makes with precision centesimal cuts geometrically perfect, on any conductive material. It does not dirty, it does not pollute, it does not make noise, it does not make shavings.
When it starts to cut, it doesn’t need anybody anymore. For work of a few minutes or tens and tens of hours, it works silently, alone, at an incredibly low cost.
No mechanical work in the workshop costs so little.
The following day the installation starts to produce.  You don’t need specific skills, nor specialized workers. In a few hours anyone learns to use E.cut. No traumas if missing who made it work.

We need an E.cut.
so you could forget…
… all the anger to be modified a simple keyway on a piece already ‘tempered. Transporting pieces, waiting, waiting… and spending, sometimes disproportionate figures.
And then sometimes it turns out that having an E.cut in the house even the seats of keys on new pieces would cost less, much less than doing them with the stool. The height becomes indifferent. Whether the thickness is a few tens of millimetres, or several hundred, the seat is always perfect, to the nearest cent, perfectly parallel even at high speeds ‘of removal. Enough tools that refuse, that pull under, that go from here and there. Whether it’s cast iron, steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium… it doesn’t matter.
Pulleys, gears, bushings, cutter bodies. Whether it’s a keyway or a complex internal gearing, in a few minutes the cutting program is generated, the workpiece is placed, the tool is centred and… go. The machine alone, and the operator somewhere else!

We need an E.cut.
them, forever, in the workshop…
..even if the stockpile is already there. Yes, because when you need to make a profile different from the keyway you have to prepare a tool. And then you have to have the grinding or sharpening machine, maybe with the profile projector… and it’s not that anyone knows how to do it!
With E.cut it is very simple, and very inexpensive! Directly from the DXF or DWG drawing of the groove to be created you can see the cutting program and assign the inclinations of the rake angles. Place the raw tool on a normal vice (no expensive stainless steel tools) and start cutting. If you want an accurate finish you can perform up to 5 passes, until you get a roughness ‘less than 1 Ra.
In a few minutes the tool is ready! No expectations of the external supplier, or of the expensive technician of the tool department…, at a very, very, very low cost!

It took an E.cut.
to make this piece over 300 mm high.
Okay, the image is not very professional, but the young man who got this piece after only two weeks of using E.cut, without first knowing what a wire erosion was, was rightly proud of it. Okay, a few hours of tele-assistance with Genesis was necessary, but the result was excellent. Perfect measurements, strictly controlled in the metrological room, no barrel effect, excellent roughness and within the required values.
The lack of the creator with these measures and the ‘urgency led to try with E.cut.   The result was surprising from an economic point of view. No cost for the creator, nor the need to turn to external sources to obtain the piece of erosion at primary costs.
The company had purchased E.cut mainly to make keyways, but they found themselves having a “gear cutting machine” that for single pieces turned out to be an unexpected source of income.

E.cut 32D is the smallest, simplest, cheapest, and most …
not bulky of the E.cut models. ( see characteristics )
The characteristics of E.cut allow you to request the ‘hyper amortization to 250%, (see next article), and the forms of financing that we propose make it easy to’ purchase, (see mode’ of rental / financing)