E.cut yes, other not !!


“E.cut™ yes, others not !!!”

E.cut™, unlike others who appear, disappear and reappear with other names, has been present for almost 20 years in the European market with these wonderful machines.
The manufacturer is one of the largest and appears “in the clear.” , without changing its name every few years.
Baoma’s website reads : “… the company has obtained two certifications : ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification and ISO14001:1996 Environmental System Certification, rarely acquired by other companies in the same industry, and export quality authentication. Baoma is professionally engaged in the development, production and sales of CNC&EDM machines under the slogan of “let’s start now to create the future,” focusing on organizing and promoting a highly efficient team that holds independent development capacity. It has obtained five national patents and two gold awards, and has been honored by the central authority as a “national consumer’s reliable product” and a “satisfied enterprise of product quality after-sales service” for several years.”
See : Baoma, and Suzhou-Baoma

“E.cut yes, others no !!!”

Genesi has obtained 3 European patents , and makes many additions and modifications to the original machines.
Because as they are born, the machines are suitable for markets and environments where technology, safety and abmbient standards are not the same as in Europe.
It is the use of the machines that suggests adaptations to the way we operate in Europe !
We use them to make our customers’ parts.
We use them to examine with his parts what is the model, ( among more than 80 ) most suitable for his needs.
We use them to test special machining, and to provide the best working parameters.
And there’s nothing better than using the machines to learn what modes and working parameters are optimal for different customers’ needs.
It’s not the removal speed, often used as a lure mirror, to evaluate a machine !

“E.cut yes, others no !!!”

Manuals are one of the most “E.cut yes, others no !” topics.
The E.cut manuals, (over 400 pages), are in CHM format, i.e., the original Windows format, and can also be had as PDFs. They are loaded and viewable directly on the machine even while it is working.
Copied to a flash drive, they can be viewed on any PC, even in the office or at home. Transferred to a cell phone, they can be viewed there as well.
Both the graphics program, (Autocad 2005 ) and the CNC can be uploaded to other PCs, and the paths developed even in the office. The industrial PC that serves as the CNC is networked, so program transmission is immediate.
Detailed explanations, many, many pictures, even in 3D, videos, and image sequences of malfunctions and how to intervene, have been developed and updated for 15 years with the goal of making the operator “autonomous.”
The adoption of Window 10 Pro with regular licensing,allows for secure remote assistance. In addition, remotely, from the office, or from home, can be controlled the working phases, the progress, and it is possible to intervene to change the cutting parameters.
Operator support, especially in the initial phase, is immediate and in real time.

“E.cut yes, others no !!!”

We perform tests and trials on customers’ and potential customers’ parts and materials, because Ecut is an investment asset, and it has to return to the customer for his parts, for his machining.
We always invite people to see the machines at our workshop or at customers who already own a model similar to the one we will propose. We have more than 80 models, ( no one has such an extensive range ), so we are able to provide the most suitable machine.
We try to figure out together with him what are the most convenient modes and working parameters for the work that HE has to follow, we do not just show the maximum speed of removal .

E.cut yes, others no !!!”

Only E.cut is always present at the world’s most important machine tool fair, EMO in Hannover.
Others attend only once. Often because after a few years … they no longer exist !!!
Since 2017, punctually, Baoma and Genesis have been showing what’s new, and illustrating the features of wire erosion cutting technology.

E.cut ™ is just Genesi, if it’s not E.cut ™ it’s not the same !

E.cut™ at Kilometer Zero – From fairs, exhibition, end of rental –
Ask if your E.cut™ is there.

Ecut & Automotive

The use of E.cut is widespread in the automotive industry.
In China, the home of these machines, there are hundreds of them in automotive and accessory plants.
Both domestic companies and global manufacturers-BYD (a leader in electric cars), Tesla, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Michelin-have been adopting E.cut wire cutting technology in their plants for years.
The reliability and high quality of Baoma-Ecut machines have encouraged their adoption, and installations are steadily growing.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines for Formula 1 and sports cars uses E.cut in its Modena plant.
Acquired as an aid for additive printing ( AM Additive Manufacturing ), it is now used for many other processes.
Direct knowledge of Ecut’s cutting characteristics has revealed its advantages.
This technology has become part of the work cycles of many complex parts and for machining parts made of very difficult materials (Inconel, Titanium, Inox and special alloys).
E.cut wire erosion cutting has significantly reduced costs and offered new solutions compared to conventional machining by chip removal.

Also in this company, which is a partner of one of the winners of several Formula 1 world championships, an E.cut has become part of the prestigious machine tools with which the machining department is equipped.
In addition to the simplicity and economy of sectioning molded parts in Additive manufacturing, the possibility of cutting complex figures and paths with high precision, have directed to the ‘use of erosion cutting with continuous wire.
Genesi, with the great experience of 15 years and more than 200 machines sold in Europe, supported with tests and trials the choice of this technology

Large Baoma-Ecut machines are in operation at Tesla’s Shanghai plant.
Processing large parts with these machines is enormously more economical than using conventional wire erosion machines, both as an hourly operating cost and as an investment cost.
For many parts, a careful review of the design, and thus the work cycle to achieve it, leads to the use of wire-cutting with these machines, with often very significant savings over the mechanical removal machining used previously.

Large Baoma-Ecut machines are also in operation in the huge Chinese plant of the world’s largest tire manufacturer, Michelin.
The machine in the ‘picture has 2000 mm by 1200 mm strokes and an 800 mm clearance between heads.
“Drop” cooling, low-pressure machining does not require an immersion tank, with huge advantages in operating costs, … and processing.
The accuracy within 0.015 mm, (+/- 0.0075 mm ), and the lack of barrel effect even on high thicknesses, (up to and over 500 mm), make the choice of this machine a must for large processing.

E.cut ™ is just Genesi, if it’s not E.cut ™ it’s not the same !