Ask us for a quote for your own machining.
Whether you already perform it with conventional wire erosion, to detect the cost difference.
Or whether you want to see if there are advantages using Ecut over a machining cycle performed with conventional systems, ( milling, laser cutting, water cutting, …).
To request a quote from us, please fill in the fields described here.

We will take care to send you the quote as quickly as possible.

The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote will be.

In case the quote looks interesting, we are able to perform sampling or pre-series, even in your welcome presence.
Below you can see the spreadsheet that will be sent to you, with examples of fast, and medium fast work, both for standard machines and for the new C-Type models.
In the various columns the working time, and the costs.
The pure operating cost, the operating cost + depreciation cost, and the average hourly cost adopted by contractors with these machines.

State of the material from which the pieces are to be obtained or on which the work is to be carried out.

Material to be cut (indicate in the notes exact acronyms and characteristics)


Heat treatment or galvanic

Required degree of finish

If not specified in the drawings, tolerance required. ( to define workpiece positioning method )


Date of dispatch to Genesis of the pieces - (yyyy-mm-dd)

Requested delivery date - (yyy-mm-dd)

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