Baoma is among the world’s strongest manufacturers of wire EDM !

Baoma manufactures in Suzhou, the city near Shanghai known as the most important area for high-quality mechanical manufacturing. The world’s major machine tool manufacturers produce here. In other regions of China there is mass production of more current quality.
From these areas come semi-finished machines that are “fashionably dressed” by companies based in Suzhou. And sold as produced in Suzhou! These are often little more than commercial companies, which every few years disappear, or change their names. Those who bought these machines never want to hear about them again.
Baoma has obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification and ISO14001:1996 Environmental System Certification, which is rarely acquired by other companies in the same industry, and export quality authentication. Baoma is professionally engaged in the development, production and sales of CNC&EDM machines, under the slogan of “facing the future, initiating creation,” focused on organizing and promoting a highly efficient team that holds an independent development capability, has successively won five national patents and two gold awards. Collaboration with Genesi led to modifications to adapt the machines to the European market. Ecut-branded machines have special features that make them different from others that come directly from China.

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