The after-sales service. after-sales service

After-sales service starts from the same day the order is confirmed. Instructions for receiving and placing the machine are sent immediately. Access to the Ecut website from which to download instructions and manuals is provided.
The constantly updated manuals are in Windows Help format, and in PDF format.
They will be on the PC that serves as the control, but are transferable to any PC, and viewable on Tablet or Smartphone.
The PCs’ operating system is the latest Windows, (currently Windows 10 Pro), with regular licensing.
The machines will be equipped with network connection, and teleservice system.
From the same day of ‘installation the operator will be able to be followed, and ask for help in real time. Interventions are guaranteed within one hour by phone, and within 36 hours on site.
Spare parts are available in Genesi, and if any part is not available, one machine per model is available to be possibly “cannibalized”
All machines carry the original factory serial number, and even from the factory remote service can be done !
On-time service grants conformity to purpose over time..

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