14 years of experience, over 200 machines installed

The ‘experience gained in the installation and commissioning of E.cut™ in the most diverse sectors allows us to “see” in advance possible problems for the processing that the customer intends to perform.

We know what the real working parameters are depending on the pieces and materials to be cut. Often they are lower values than those flaunted by someone who appears and disappears in proposing similar machines. But they are real values !

We have studied and patented (in Europe) solutions for cutting particular materials, which others do not even know about.
We have studied and patented a wire tensioning system, after having tried and tested those that still others use.
All our machines are equipped with a system for easy wire insertion on the rollers. (Patented)
The tension adjustment system at thread loading is only from E.cut™
The coolant is only with original Baoma liquid. Increased wire yield and durability !!!

With a range of over 80 models in production, we are able to suggest the most suitable model for the customer’s intended use. Often the most expensive and sophisticated model is not the solution !
But in order to propose the most suitable solution it is necessary to have even the simplest models, easier to use, and … often even less expensive!

E.cut™ is the only machine of this type that has been on the European market for so many years.