With Ecut you can

With Ecut you can

Cutting thin tubes often increases the cost of a product that uses them in an unbearable way.
Conventional mechanical methods leave burrs, are not precise, and deform the tube.
Laser cutting leaves burrs that are not easy to remove, and sometimes the materials to be cut undergo unacceptable alterations.
The accuracy achievable with water cutting is often insufficient.
Cutting by conventional wire EDM would be the solution, but having to work in a tank limits the length of the bars to be cut, and the cost is normally too high.
Ecut is the ideal solution for three reasons:
1) Not working in a tank, there are no limits to the length of the bars to be cut, and you can use systems to advance the bars, making cutting automatic.
2) The cutting thickness, 500mm, of the Ecut machines allows to cut more tubes. This is practically impossible with normal wire erosion because pressure washing is not effective in the case of pipes, and even less so in the case of several overlapping pipes.
3) The operating cost of an Ecut is max 0,5 euro/hour, about 20 times less than a conventional wire erosion.
This last factor is what makes you say: WITH ECUT YOU CAN!

The lack of an immersion tank and the cooling by means of a fall water jet, not pressure, gives the possibility to use Ecut as a production machine.
Fixing tools for the pieces to be cut can be placed on the whole pallet.  The pieces can be unloaded and loaded while working (there are no risks of any kind), having a continuous work cycle, without interruptions.
The plant can work in this way even unmanned, both during the day and especially during the night.
An operator can manage many Ecut machines.
In many cases there is no specific operator, but simple shift workers load and unload the pieces to be cut.
The very low running cost, about 0,5 euro/hour, is often the determining factor for the choice of this technology.
But the absolute precision of the cut, within 0.015 mm for any thickness and any removal speed, the total absence of burrs, the absence of alteration of the materials, and the possibility of delicate fixings on easily deformable parts, are all reasons for the choice.
Last but not least, cutting can also be non-linear, opening the door to new technological solutions.

Pulleys for toothed belts, gears, toothed wheels of various types are often made by wire erosion, when the hobs are not available and the quantity of pieces to be made does not allow the expense of a hob.
Other times it is a single piece, a gear to be replaced, a prototype.  Conventional wire erosion is therefore the solution, despite the high cost, and the waiting time by the subcontractor who has wire erosion.
With Ecut you can.
You can do it at a fraction of the cost, in a simple, fast way, and with absolute precision.
The Ecut numerical control is equipped with the program to generate gears, but the profile can be generated by any CAD system, and imported in DXF format.
A few simple steps send the program to the machine, and in no time, the pieces are ready.
Even the smallest Ecut machines can cut a thickness of 500mm (which is not normal, both for conventional wire erosion and similar machines). The absolute precision, (within 0.015 mm) and the lack of barrel effect, allow to cut very thick pulleys, or to overlap several pieces to be processed in one go.

Genesi has been distributing for over ten years the continuous wire erosion machines produced by Baoma.
With modifications and features to adapt them to the European market, they are distributed under the Ecut™ brand.
Some patents registered at European level, in addition to the manufacturer’s patents, make these machines “different” from those imported directly or occasionally resold.
More than one hundred machines sold in the most diverse sectors, to small, medium and large companies, have led to a knowledge of this technology, and to an experience in the use of the same that allows to direct the user, among the wide range, to the model most appropriate to their needs.
A laboratory with standard models and production models always in operation, allows you to perform tests, trials, and pre-production, with the realization of any equipment for clamping and positioning.
The large warehouse of spare parts and consumables guarantees the continuous functionality of all the machines installed, even those no longer in production, or no longer on the market.

Ecut™ is only GENESI, if it is not Ecut™, it is not the same thing!

11, and he doesn’t show it

E.cut™ has exceeded ten years of presence in Italy.
Today the machines are very different from the first ones distributed, even if the founding principle is always the same. The drum that wraps and unwinds the wire is always the same, but the yield and precision have increased.
The close collaboration between Genesi and Baoma has made it possible to make changes and functions that make E.cut™ a product suited to the needs of the European market, and that make these machines “different” from those produced for Asian markets that sometimes someone offers “as they are”.

Changes and functions that result from field experience, the multiplicity of sectors in which more than one hundred customers operate, and the laboratory in which tests and samples are carried out.
The installation of the most recent operating system, ( Windows 10 pro ), allows to put the machine in the company network, to always have the connection in remote assistance, and to adopt manuals on screen in digital format. Compliance with the requirements of the 2017 law has allowed those who have purchased to benefit from the advantages of super amortization.

In these two years, with all these machines, there have been requests for assistance. The immediate intervention in remote assistance, or within the next day from the customer, have guaranteed the ‘operation’ of the machines.
The images are of some customers. They all have two machines, many have three, some six!
For all of them:

E.cut™ is only Genesis, if it is not E.cut™ it is not the same thing!

Ecut is just Genesi.

These machines have been built for over thirty years and produced in thousands of copies. Someone has tried and tries to sell them in Italy, as they are, but WITHOUT SUCCESS, and in a short time stops.

For almost ten years Genesi has been offering Ecut.  The experience accumulated in field tests and trials, leads to continuous changes and additions that make Ecut different, unique, and finally suitable for the Italian and European market.

These modifications make it easier and more understandable to use, make the machines more efficient, and allow the processing of materials that machines of the same type cannot and cannot process.

Digital manuals, with dynamic 3D visualizations of the components, facilitate maintenance. Updated operating systems with regular licenses allow the networking, so remote assistance and, more importantly, in corporate network, remote control and also under remote control. Ecut is a 4.0 machine, and has the features to request the facilities of the 2017 budget law “Super amortization 250%”.

The knowledge acquired leads to an effective and direct pre- and post-sales service. All spare parts are available in Italy, even for machines sold years ago, and our technicians are able to intervene quickly, both by telephone and in remote assistance, both for faults and for suggestions on the use of the machines.

The continuous investments in research made by Baoma, a leading manufacturer in the sector, are the guarantee of an avant-garde product. The wide range of models in production gives the possibility to choose the most suitable model for the work to be carried out, or for the use to be made of it.

There is one model for production and one for tooling, a small model, and 2600 x 1600 models of working stroke.

In these 10 years Genesi has accumulated an experience that no one has in Italy. For this reason,

Ecut is just Genesis, if it’s not Ecut, it’s not the same thing.