Important customers for Ecut. What is the reason ?

Many customers own two or three E.cut™ machines.

Some even more. One customer owns six machines, purchased over a period of five years. And it is one of the largest mechanical companies in the world with plants in Italy.
In sectors such as Aeronautics, Gas&Oil, Additive manufacturing, Ecut machines have an established presence over the years.
In these sectors reliability is one of the most important factors, and both the machines and the after-sales support offer this reliability.
Also important to Genesi, however, are the “small” customers. Many of them after a short time of using the first machine buy a second one. For them, reliability and after-sales support, especially for special machining operations, are essential, and a guarantee of profitable use of the machines.

With nearly 200 machines installed over 15 years, Genesi is the largest European distributor of such machines.

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