In the sunlight

In the sunlight


Okay, it’s not always okay… It can happen! The important thing is that there is someone who can put things right. Whether it’s a new machine or a machine from ten years ago!

In the Genesi group we have created, for more than a decade, a structure that deals exclusively with these machines.
We believed it, despite the irony and sarcasm of those who sold conventional wire erosion.
We believed it and put our faces on it. Immediately, openly… in the sunlight.
We created a website exclusively for these machines. In the site there are all the information, the news, … there are our faces … in the sunlight.
There is the manufacturer’s description, and the link to his site, we clearly say who, where and how they are built… in the sunlight.
Every now and then some of the ironic and sarcastic people try to sell  machines similar to E.cut… not in sunlight.
They do not appear on their sites, if they appear you do not know where they come from, sometimes there are unreal images, sometimes there is generic and inaccurate information!

Selling other things, dealing with other things, they propose similar machines, often mimicking the name E.cut. Every now and then they change supplier, and… often disappear…

Says Mr. Franco, after years of using E.cut™:

“There are those who work in the twilight and those in the light of the sun
Clarity, and a lot of experience make E.cut™ a winning machine suitable for all processes… its staff is always available and highly professional and guarantees quiet sleep to all its customers”.

He inspired us to write this new article!

They were among the first in 2005 to buy similar machines. But after a few years those who had supplied it disappeared!
When something started not to work, they got by for a while, but in the end they threw in the towel, or, worse, they threw in the machines. They couldn’t find the spare parts, especially the electrical ones and the cheap ones, installed by the Chinese manufacturer, in the meantime disappeared!
In 2019 they discovered Genesis, with its E.cut™.
They verified that the machines sold by Genesi arrive with standard components available on the European market. They have investigated at some customers to know the reliability of the assistance provided. They tested the machine at the Test&Lab in Genesis.

And they bought an E.cut™ !



E.cut™ is just Genesi, if it’s not E.cut™ it’s not the same thing!

With Ecut, yes!

Large dimensions

On this large workpiece (over 2500 Kg.) and a cantilevered part of over 1000 mm, the internal toothing must be carried out. The execution by a third party, in addition to the considerable cost required by those who have a suitable hobbing machine, collided with the delivery time. The alternative could have been wire erosion, but even so the hourly costs of such a machine are prohibitive, not to mention delivery times.
Machining with an Ecut 63D has cost incredibly less than wire erosion, and even less than the hobbing machine.
The absence of the immersion tank allows the positioning of pieces with dimensions even far exceeding the table. The span between the heads of 500 mm, (optional up to 800 mm), allows you to place and cut pieces of high thickness.
The precision achievable, within 0,015 mm, ( +/- o,oo75 mm ), with roughness even lower than 1 Ra; the perfect geometry of the machined parts, without any barrel effect even at high thicknesses and with high removal speed, makes Ecut more and more widespread in gear manufacturing companies.

Aeronautics – Gas&Oil – Medical – Automotive racing

The use of increasingly sophisticated metal materials is increasingly widespread in high-tech sectors. More and more complex shapes for light and very resistant pieces are designed considering the great possibilities of multi-axis machine tools.
However, there are some problems:
The materials are often hard or bonded, so they are very difficult to remove from the tool.
More and more sophisticated machines are expensive, and… delicate.
Wire erosion is one of the methods to remove as much material as possible, and leave a minimum amount of chips to finish.
But wire erosion costs money!
E.cut™, has some great advantages over conventional erosion:
1) A 10 to 20 times lower operating cost.
2) The lack of a tank in which pieces and clamping tools have to be placed. This implies the possibility of working in a pendulum, loading one piece while the other is cutting, or the adoption of rotary tables, or dividers ….
3) Large cutting thicknesses even for the smallest (and least expensive) machines, with the possibility to cut more overlapping pieces and reduce the time of loading and unloading pieces.


Specimens of materials resistance

Providing certification of used materials is becoming increasingly important. For each casting, for each forged, for each semi-finished product from which a piece is obtained, it is increasingly necessary to provide the results of tensile tests, resilience, etc..
But the samples must be obtained!
Sawing, cutting, milling, turning… and at the end maybe the material has been “stressed”, and the test is no longer conclusive.
The cost then splashes, especially if it is difficult materials, (titanium, inconel, stainless steel, etc..).
Ecut™ is the ideal solution.
At an incredibly low cost you get the finished or semi-finished specimens, with centesimal precision, without stressing the material, and starting from any blank, casting, plate, laminate or forged.
The extreme simplicity of the Ecut™ control system and the possibility of archiving an infinite number of programs for each size or material give the possibility to employ poorly qualified personnel.

They look like Ecut!

E.cut™ is a registered trademark of Genesis.
In more than two decades, E’cut™ machines have become “different” from the originals still present in the original market.  The large number of installations in the most diverse sectors has led to the accumulation of experience that allows to direct those interested in these extraordinary machines to the most appropriate choice according to their needs.
The knowledge of the “European” mechanical processing, and the direct use for tests and pre-production has suggested changes and solutions that only E.cut™ machines have, and that are covered by patents.
Similar machines look like E.cut™, but they are not the same thing!

Gears, racks, toothed pulleys, keys, broaches!
Companies in the sector that use E.cut™ have a considerable competitive advantage.
In all cases where the equipment for the execution of a few pieces, (creators) would weigh heavily on the final cost, the use of E.cut™ revolutionizes the ‘obtaining of pieces.
-Accuracy within 0.015 mm.
-No barrel effect.
-Cutting height up to 500mm.
-Table capacity up to 3000 kg with standard machines.

Additives Manufacturing … the future is coming !
Ed E.cut™ occupies a leading position in Italian companies that print 3D.
The large cutting height, already from the smallest machines is 500mm, and the absence of the immersion tank make E.cut™ the ideal tool for cutting and detaching pieces from the plates.
The wire sliding speed, up to 100 times higher than the speed of conventional wire erosion, and the “drop” washing allow to cut the moulded parts in 3D easily, even in the presence of the interrupted cut.
Thanks to a system patented by Genesi, it is also possible to cut materials that cannot be processed with machines that “look like E.cut™”.
Genesi’s experience starts from the first 3D machines installed in Italy, and guarantees the most correct solution for any type of piece, and/or material to be cut.

Small parts and great precision.
The special feature of E.cut™ is the very low running cost, ( 0,5 €/hour for standard machines, and 2 €/hour for production machines ). Combined with the achievable precision (within 0.015 mm) and the lack of barrel effect even on high thicknesses, we have a “revolutionary” tool for many workshop processes.
With a very low cost compared to the purchase of any machine tool, and also compared to the purchase of a conventional wire erosion, E.cut™ is becoming the “new and different” investment for many small and medium companies.
As one user who bought two E.cut™s in one year said: “We have two more resources, but not two more employees!

Large pieces small costs.
Without reaching large models, ( up to 2600x1600x800h mm ), but already with the model 63, you can cut shapes up to 800 x 630 x 500h mm. And a piece weight of 3000 kg.
But the particularity of not having an immersion tank allows you to perform work on pieces much ‘larger than the work table.
The low operating cost, and the reduced investment of even the largest models, opens up new horizons for many machining operations.
The effectiveness of cutting any material, even the most difficult to cut by removal of chips, has led to radical changes in many work cycles, with savings unthinkable with any other system.
Genesi’s decades of experience and wide range of models guarantee the choice of the ideal machine for every need.