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Quality = Purpose compliance
The purpose is that of the customer.
Among the more than 80 models of E.cut™ machines, it’s easier to find
the one that conforms to YOUR purpose.
Every model, from the simplest to the most sophisticated have
a reason to be according to the various needs of the user.

The CT fe CTH models, which can be supplied with both servomotors and stepper motors, have been the top of the E.cut™ production range.
High precision, high removal speed, and very important, a high removal volume/wire consumption ratio are the mandatory choice in many situations.
The precision tooling chooses the most sophisticated models, with very low machining tolerances and finish roughness. The cost of the machine, and the operating cost, will be lower than that of conventional wire erosion. E.cut™ is in this case ideal complement to conventional brass wire erosion.
The possibility to adopt different types of drive, and different types of control, facilitate the adoption of the “most suitable for your purpose” model.”

The small tooling will use a simpler model instead. Accuracy and roughness will always be excellent, but the modes of operation will be easier to handle. The cost of the machine will be much lower, such as to justify the purchase even with a low number of hours of use per month.
A new world opens up for many companies that do contract work. The adoption of conventional wire erosion is prohibitive, due to the high cost of purchase, the high cost per hour of operation, and often also due to the complexity of management.
Also for these models servomotors or stepper motors are possible; 3000 or 5000 controls, therefore with removal values, precision, and more or less easy management.
The wide range of models due to these combinations leads to sometimes surprisingly low costs.
And often the cost is also important

Beyond a certain size of workpieces, only E.cut™ has suitable machines in production. Working strokes up to 2600x1600x800 are uncommon, as well as the possibility to load workpieces up to 30 tons.
Many years of experience and the production of tens of thousands of machines has led to an in-depth knowledge of the problems of wire erosion on large size parts.
The design and manufacture of all parts within the same production area ensures that the final product complies with the purpose.

The construction of special machines and plants distinguishes the manufacturer from others.
The direct contact between the customer’s technical department and the manufacturer’s technical department guarantees the exact definition of the customer’s purpose.
The study of the solution is quick and detailed. In a short time all the technological and economic data are available for the evaluation of the investment convenience.
Not depending on external suppliers, the realization of the project takes place in a short time, and… certain.

E.cut ™  it’s only Genesi !     Not E.cut ™  ?     Not the same

Out of the fray

We have two more resources, but not two more employees.” Says the owner of a small contract manufacturing company.
Another center or another lathe is nothing new. An E.cut™ is getting out of the fray,” says the production manager of a small machining company.
The hourly operating cost of E.cut™ , dozens of times lower than many machining operations, leads to the use of this technology to change, sometimes radically, conventional working methods and taken for granted.
The result is often clamorously cheaper, and often technologically innovative.
The advantages of wire erosion cutting clash with the high cost of that technology. Only special productions in high value-added sectors can adopt it.
E.cut™ breaks down this barrier!
An hourly operating cost of less than 2 euros per hour, and an overall cost under depreciation that never exceeds five/8 euros per hour, combined with the simplicity of E.cut™ technology, open up new horizons.
Whoever is following this path, is out of the fray !

In small mechanical companies the modest purchase cost of an E.cut™ gives the possibility to have the technology of wire cutting at home, even without a high workload.
It is enough to have to turn to third parties for wire cutting. No more uncontrollable waiting times, and uncertain costs.
Where very hard and expensive materials are processed (aeronautical, gas&oil, racing,...), operating with very expensive and often delicate machining centers, the adoption of E.cut™ leads to the removal of as much material as possible, almost reaching the final height. No shavings, but often valuable scrap. Reduction in the cost of tools for the removal, and less wear and tear on the cutting machines.
In the sector of gears, pulleys, and rotating bodies, especially those of large dimensions, the possibility of obtaining keyways, even opposed and/or multiple keyways, up to internal gears, of high precision in a simple and safe way leads to a reduction of costs unthinkable with traditional systems.
The clean, precise, burr-free and material-free cutting of even complex profiles represents a revolution in the cutting of pipes or thin sheets. It is the cost of the E.cut™ system that makes wire cutting possible, convenient, and often unique.

One of the first manufacturers of these machines and a world leader in the sector, Baoma has been operating for over 25 years.
As the holder of dozens of patents, it is at the forefront in the search for reliable solutions.
For over 11 years Genesi has been distributing Baoma’s machines in Italy and Europe under the E.cut™ brand. Some European patents have been filed.
Materials, mechanical, electronic and software components of E.cut™ machines are specific for the European market.
The Genesi service center, deals ONLY with these machines. Spare parts for machines that have not been produced for years are available.
The large number of customers with more E.cut™ machines is the best proof of their reliability.

E.cut ™ is only Genesi.  Not E.cut ™ ? Not the same !