Long-term rental of instruments
FINANCIAL TRANSMISSION -> Advance: no advance
Monthly installments starting from 700 euros then yours with 500 euros
The operational rental is a monthly rental, downloadable monthly
All-risk insurance included in the installments


Interest free financial leasing
FINANCIAL TRANSMISSION -> Advance: no advance
Monthly installments from 700 euro month, redemption 1%
Stability law 2015/2016 super depreciation 140%
All-risk insurance included in the installments

The execution of only 30 hours of work for third parties (at 25 euro/hour) pays you the fee and all operating costs.

The rest of the month the machine will be at your disposal

NEWS See examples of machining in the news.

YARNS Go and watch the videos of E.cut in lavoro

– It is a contract by virtue of which the use of an instrumental good is granted for a predetermined period of time and against payment of a fixed periodic fee.
– Compared to the purchase of the asset, the company can dilute the economic impact over time through the payment of a constant all-inclusive fee.
– Total deductibility of fees from IRES taxable income, regardless of duration. There are no minimum durations linked to the depreciation of the asset.
– Total deductibility of rentals without distinction between capital and interest as for a leasing contract.
– Moreover, rental does not affect the company’s credit lines (it does not appear in the risk centres), which can be usefully exploited for the development of the core business.
– The lessee eliminates the risks associated with the technological obsolence of the leased assets, all of which remain with the lessor. This is an element of extreme importance in product sectors that are constantly evolving.
– The rent is all-inclusive, and allows the company to know exactly the flow of periodic rentals for the use of the asset.